If you agree with this statement, you are definitely our kind of person:

“I understand that Jessica and Matthew are basically pretty damn understanding and flexible people. So I know they’ll do their best to accommodate the uncertainties of life. And I understand that they are running a small hotel that tends to book out fairly far in advance, and need to operate a profitable business. So, while they’ll do their best to refund my deposit if I tell them that my plans have changed, the less time I give them to fill the room, the lower the chance that they’ll be able to do so. A week’s lead time should be sufficient. Inside of that window, I’ll be looking at a credit rather than a refund. Of course, if I want to re-schedule my visit, or even give my deposit to a friend, they’ll totally be on board with that.

Oh, and with medical stuff like Covid, they get it. If my plans are cancelled because, say, Mexico closes its borders to tourists, they’ll be happy to give me a full refund.”

The Reality of Covid

Rather than deal with the uncertainty of running a hotel during the first Covid wave, Cinetica was shut down. Re-opening this year, with the Delta variant sweeping, leaves us feeling more than a bit anxious. We are committed to Covid-aware operations, and will embrace best-practices to mitigate risk wherever and whenever possible. Local doctors offer home visits to take and process Covid tests, which are mandatory before returning to most countries. Both of us have been fully vaccinated, have practiced social distancing and mask wearing, and have been cautious now for coming up on two years. And we think that Cinetica’s location offers an elevated Covid-protected profile. But we recognize that risk is… well… risky. If you are traveling to Mexico, and you think that Cinetica is the place for you, you’ll understand what we mean. Feel free to call us if you’d like to discuss this in more detail.

As an added service to our guests and our community, we are adding few layers of precaution.
  • First, that all guests secure a negative Covid test within three days of arriving.
  • Second, that you use common sense when in town; if you are in a crowded, closed space, give some serious thought to donning a mask.
  • Third, if you feel like creating a “Cinetica Covid bubble” for yourself during your stay, we are happy to work with you to design whatever makes you feel most comfortable: arranging for your kitchen and refrigerator to be kept full, assigning an area of the pool deck for you, etc.
Also note that, currently, all travelers are required to get a Covid test before departure. We have a relationship with a family doctor who makes house calls, so you won’t have to scramble while you’re hear. T best part? Results will be linked directly to your passport for easy re-entry to the US. The cost for this service is 500 pesos per test.
If you test positive and are required to quarantine for two weeks before traveling home, we’ll make sure that you won’t be homeless. It might get tight at Cinetica… but we promise to make it work and keep it enjoyable! After all, things could be a lot worse than being forced to walk down every morning for a few weeks to an empty beach to watch the sunrise, right?