Some cold truth: when considering stuff to offer guests, most hotels start at price. How little can they pay for amenities that visitors expect… but that they might not really value? At Cinetica, we flip that. For us, value matters more than cost. Why? Because we hope you’ll take a moment to ponder what you massage into your skin, how you tend to your hair, what you use to carry around your water and coffee… even what yoga mat you’ll be using when you’re on our pool deck at sunrise working through your morning routine.

But we also recognize that sorting all of this stuff can be confusing, challenging and exhausting. So we’ve done it for you. And we’re stoked to have found a few companies that are small, independent, multi-dimensionally badass and who genuinely give a shit about our planet and the people who live on it. In other words, companies who do their best to move through the world like we try to do, and who make stuff we love.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Refuge Hair

The world of hair care is dominated by massive international consumer product companies. Even small, independent companies usually aren’t that small… and might not even be independent. So when we discovered Refuge, we were super stoked. Founded, owned and managed by women. 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging. All natural ingredients. Never tested on animals. Refuge is a box-checking machine. Even better? Every product contains natural UV ingredients, so your hair will be protected from the sun when you are crashing around in the ocean or jungle.

Salt and Stone

Something you may not have considered: most sun and skin care companies are run by people who spend their lives indoors. Salt and Stone was founded by Nima Jalali, a former professional snowboarder. He knows what it means to spend time in harsh conditions, and to try to avoid the chemicals that most companies use to protect us. So he launched a company dedicated to developing skin care products without fragrances, sulfates, parabens, nanoparticles or GMO’s. Even better? S&S manufactures using only solar and hydroelectric energy, their packaging is biodegradable (truly… not just breaking down into ever-smaller pieces) or landfill- redirected. Oh, and their athlete ambassadors totally rock.

Ranger Ready

You have to dig deep to understand the nuances in insect repellant. Most “natural” bug spray isn’t. The FDA offers unnerving warnings about applying essential oils directly to your skin. And while DEET works, why would anyone you use it (It’s stinky, ruins clothes and screws with your DNA)? But getting eaten by bugs on vacation sucks. Enter Picaridin. Derived from a naturally-occurring compound found in black pepper, totally safe on skin, and virtually scent-less, we love it. Even better? Their Scent Zero has… zero scent. When have you ever used an insect spray that didn’t leave you smelling like a chemical factory?


Naturally anti-microbial? Grippy when dry or wet? That’s cork. Which is why we love it for yoga. Even better? Yoloha has developed a plant-based foam, making it one of the most sustainable yoga mats on the planet (the company is also a certified CarbonFree partner). But the best part is that these mats are simply gorgeous and a total joy to use. I mean… moving through your morning’s Sun Salutations on cork vs. on petroleum-based wav or synthetic EVA foam? No comparison!


“Design forward. Generosity driven.” Pretty much says it all. Members of 1% for the planet. Certified B Corporation. Audited climate neutral. Seriously. What’s not to love about this premium drinkware company. And to top it off? Their products are flat-out awesome. Minimal, durable, functional and sustainable. Man, we love these MiiRcats.