A path less beaten.

Many visit Sayulita for the vibrant village experiences. Great restaurants. Tiny art galleries. Sun-drenched beach bars. Peaceful yoga studios. Thumping nightlife.

Some come for the surfing. A gentle town break. Pumping reef breaks. World-class point breaks.

Others come for serenity. Empty beaches minutes from the town center. The peace of the jungle, interrupted only by birdsong or the sound of waves carried by a cooling breeze.

Cinetica is that rare place that offers all of it. Nested in a tranquil coastal jungle setting on a gently-sloping hillside above the ocean, the center of Sayulita is only 30-40 minute walk, or a 15 minute drive, away.

Cinetica can be your place to land and unwind… or your stepping off point for adventure.

A story of us

We have traveled, lived and worked, in many places around the world. France. Australia. Spain. Nepal. England. Holland. And all over the US: Idaho, Colorado, New York, California, Washington and New England.

Having long dreamed of raising our family in a small beach community in a different country, Sayulita spoke to us in ways that few places have. Our desire to live here was immediate. Less clear was how to make that happen!

When we met Steve and Terri, retired expats whose vision and commitment built Hacienda de La Costa into the jewel that it is, the connection was clear. Respecting what they had created, yet wanting the small hotel to reflect our personality and imagination, we have re-christened it Cinetica (Spanish for “Kinetic”); energy through motion.

We hope you love visiting us as much as we will love hosting you, inviting you into our small slice of paradise, and sharing with you why we chose Sayulita for our family.


Sustainability is such a buzzy word these days, and the distinction between buzz and commitment can be murky. At Cinetica, we live our commitment to sustainability by relentlessly orienting towards less. Less conventional energy. Less plastic. Less stuff. And by doing so, we aspire to live Mies van der Rohe’s dictum that “less is more”. Because we believe that by embracing “less”, we build a life that reflects “more”. More adventure. More connection. More resilience.

Energy: committed to an off-grid future, we have installed an 8kW solar array paired with 20kW of commercial-grade lithium storage. Given weather and demand patterns, we expect this will help us become entirely independent from the grid, and to be net energy negative. But if an extended storm sweeps through, we’ll maintain a connection to CFE (the Mexican power utility) just in case. Self-contained but still integrated.

Water: we support a local start-up company that draws its water from a San Pancho spring, filters it with the latest technology and passes it through a final UV light treatment before bottling. While we enjoy artesian water on our property (pumped from one of the largest wells in Nayarit, just down the hill from our property and thus safe for showering and brushing teeth), we want our drinking water to be as pure as possible. We also have a hotel-wide grey water capture system to irrigate our garden and reduce our H2o footprint.

Plastic: Let’s be honest. It is incredibly difficult to strip plastic from our lives. And, sometimes, that’s OK. The challenge thus becomes one of intelligently reducing, rather than completely eliminating plastic. Particularly single-use plastic. To this end, we’ve partnered with a handful of totally awesome companies to reduce plastic at Cinetica:

  • MiiR for water bottles, coffee tumblers and beverage coozies
  • Salt and Stone for aluminum-tubed sun screen and glass-bottled body wash
  • Refuge for aluminum-tubed hair care products
  • Organic, sustainable and local whenever possible
  • Steel cups and straws for our poolside bar
  • Body butter produced on-site